What is LZRTAG?
LZRTAG is a simple augmented reality system. It allows you to apply a 2D virtual image to any physical surface using a pair of “tags”. These tags can be read by a smartphone and will display a virtual image over the background surface.
How do you pronounce LZRTAG?
Is there a maximum file size I can upload?
The maximum file size is currently 250kB.
Why is the maximum image size so low?
LZRTAG is currently a lo-fi system due to the limitations of many mobile devices. Large GIFs are processor-intensive to decode and severely slow app performance. In many cases higher-resolution GIFs will be scaled down to fit within a tag frame and much of the downloaded image data won’t be used in displaying the tag.

LZRTAG recommends you use an online image editor to scale your GIFs before uploading them.

How long will my tags work?
Your tags are not permanent but will work for at least 6 months. If they are continually being read they will last much longer, possibly forever. If your tags are no longer being read we will release them back into the wild for use with another image. Purchasing a commercial license automatically makes your tags and image permanent.
Are the images anonymous?
Yes, any image you upload will be anonymous, however your IP address will be logged by the site to prevent abuse.
What file types are allowed?
Is LZRTAG free?
LZRTAG is free for non-commercial personal and artistic use. Commercial use or publication requires the purchase of a license for each pair of image tags used. Licenses are inexpensive and can be purchased through the site after your image has been uploaded. Our licensing department is available to answer other questions you may have.
Do I really need a license?
Do you plan on duplicating your image tags in print publication, advertisements, flyers, or other promotional material? Do you want your image tags to work correctly after that investment? LZRTAG reserves the right to delete, replace, or modify content that does not adhere to our terms of service. Our terms of service require the purchase of a license for commercial tag use. Our licensing department is available to answer other questions you may have.
Why are my tags broken?
Have you followed our design guidelines?
Why can’t I read these tags? Your app sucks!
Tags should be easily read if they have an even amount of lighting and the tagger has followed our design guidelines. Continuous improvements are being made to our searching algorithm to speed up the reading process.