LZRTAG is an augmented reality system that uses marker tags to locate and display 2-dimensional content. Pairs of tags will accurately locate and anchor AR content to a tagged surface.

LZRTAG is a flexible system that has a few basic rules for creating and displaying content...

Tags may be moved around freely but they must remain in the same opposite facing orientation.
Marker tags cannot be moved too far apart from one another. They are difficult to read when there is a large gap between the pair of tags.

Two marker tags form a rectangular “frame” when paired together correctly. The size of the square marker tags used in the frame should be greater than 20% of your largest rectangular frame dimension.

Sizing your tags correctly will allow them to be read quickly and easily by users!

Images displayed by the reader will be scaled proportionally to fit between your tags. Matching tag proportions to image proportions will maximize the amount of space your image will occupy.